Meet the Staff and Instructors of A Gathering Place

You will see us assisting students and clients, instructing classes, and practicing massage therapist specialties that we love most. Ask us more about what we do and we’ll spend some time sharing with you.

Cindy Goodnetter, LMT

Cindy Goodnetter


Owner, Instructor, Therapist


Cindy Goodnetter is the owner and visionary behind A Gathering Place. Cindy has over 34 years in the massage and bodywork field. Her Bachelor of Science in Adult Education and Masters in Business Administration have provided a unique way to set up a massage school and wellness center which focuses on healing and helping each student find their niche to succeed in the bodywork career of their choosing.

Cindy maintains an active massage practice. Her clients appreciate her ability to assess their needs and create a treatment plan to help. Whether it is medical massage, craniosacral therapy, energywork, deep tissue techniques, LaStone therapy, or Access Consciousness Bars, Cindy’s clients leave rejuvenated. Over the years, Cindy has worked in environments such as: a sports and rehab clinic, numerous corporate settings with chair massage, a destination spa in Sedona, AZ, day spas in St. Louis and Ft. Lauderdale, and she has owned her own business with over 18 years experience in both Florida and Missouri.

Cindy Goodnetter makes a difference in this world through the lives she touches, both in the classroom and in the massage field. It is her hope that each person she works with will feel a stronger connection to Love and to their purpose in this world, and that they will go out and make a difference in the lives of others.

Tom Pasley, LMT

Tom Pasley


Instructor, Therapist

Tom Pasley is the owner of Keys for Healing. In today’s fast paced world, it can sometimes be difficult to take care of yourself. Whether you want to relax with a Reiki Session or if you want a more direct approach to health through Tai chi and Qigong classes, Tom can help you feel renewed and energized, ready to take on the day!

Tom is a licensed, certified massage therapist and energyworker. Tom is also Nationally certified in Qigong by the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, as well as a Tai chiand Qigong Master, trained by Tai Chi Grand Master Jianye Jiang and Qigong Master Zhongxian Wu.

Tom has been a Reiki Master teacher for more than 30 years, attuned in Usui and Karuna methods.

Tom Pasley is an instructor, practitioner, and alum of A Gathering Place, offering classes in Allied Modalities (Eastern techniques).

Edina Kiss, LMT

Edina Kiss


Licensed Massage Therapist


Edina is an entrepreneur with a big heart who enjoys helping her clients let go of the stressors of life. She is an amazing deep tissue therapist with a wonderful touch. Whether you’re a weekend athlete or you just pull a muscle, Edina will release the tight tissue so you can get back out and do what you love. She uses Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage and NeuroMuscular Therapy in her work. Edina has a passionate desire to create a peaceful and healing environment for every client so they may experience complete relaxation.

Ann Karkoski



Licensed Massage Therapist


Ann Karkoski began her massage therapy journey in 2004, graduating from A Gathering Place and focusing on her healing work: mind, body and spirit. She fell in love with Indian Head Massage (IHM) in 2006 and became affiliated with the NCBTMB as an Approved Provider for this relaxing modality. Ann has taught IHM at massage schools across the country. Taking a seminar in England, she found ways to incorporate IHM into work with special needs populations, working in palliative care, and expanded into Story Massage with children.

Ann was sought out by various hospice organizations to implement massage therapy into the hospice patients’ treatment plan to help ease anxiety and reduce acute pain. Since 2006, Ann has been an instructor in massage therapy and Indian Head Massage, sharing her love as she truly comes from the heart in the modalities she shares to help others find peace and relief of pain.