Therapeutic Massage – Lecture [Master Copy]


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Welcome to the Therapeutic Massage course. This class is the first 50 hours towards the 300 hour segment which we call Therapeutic Massage, part of your Massage Therapy Program.

The binder of materials with the purple cover page will provide the class material and Key Words / Questions which you are responsible for in this class. It includes the Lecture Notes after the purple page, mid-way through the binder.

You will find the massage routines in the back pocket of the binder. Students have purchased plastic sheet protectors to put their routines in so the oil on their hands does not get on the paper routines. We know you will find a way to make it work.

Each week, you will read the chapters assigned, complete the answers to the required Key Words /  Questions (indicated by the asterisk next to the words in your Weekly Lesson Plan binder) and email the key words and answers to your instructor.

For this first week, there is a Learning Management System component to give you a foundation to the material being presented.